Fairy Garden at Lombardy

by / Wednesday, 04 November 2015 / Published in Blog

Lombardy Boutique Hotel is bringing the magic to your stay with the new fairy gardens on the grounds. The new landscaping projects will see a range of changes being made to make the estate truly special for all occasions: whether it is a wedding, corporate function or just a stay for a few nights, experience the enchantment of the manicured grounds.

The first of the new climbing roses have already been planted, where they will be trained to grow into beautiful blooming arches over the avenues around the gardens. A number of rose bushes have also been added around the front entrance, enhancing the European charm that Lombardy is already so well-known for. The roses have been hand-chosen for their substantial blooms, delicate petals and soft pastel colours. The first of the new additions are in stunning shades of orange, pink, white and purple, complementing the natural colours already found throughout the Lombardy Estate.

The fairy garden project has been initiated by general manager Pascal Fouquet, whose vision is to capture the true European charm that already sets Lombardy apart as a premiere and intimate destination in the Pretoria region. He says, “Coming to Lombardy Boutique Hotel must be like walking through your own garden – it is homely, but with a sense of occasion. It is memorable, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

Mr Fouquet personally planted a number of the new roses, overseeing every detail of the plans to ensure that the fairy gardens have a truly personal touch. He has laid plans for a transformation of the grounds, which will enhance Lombardy’s appeal as a captivating destination, especially for weddings. Your special day must be truly magical, and the fairy garden project reflects that.

Future additions to the grounds include more roses, small trees, other garden flowers and shrubs, as well as enhanced courtyards to make every corner of the hotel an experience in itself. The estate is ideal for wedding portraits, a truly tranquil getaway stay from the city or just a day out to enjoy the weather and a drink with friends or family.

Visit Lombardy Boutique Hotel today to view the transformation of the space for yourself, and take advantage of our range of current specials on accommodation and dining. Our friendly team can assist you with any enquiries you may have, so feel free to contact us via an online form, email or telephone call.