Love Story

by / Monday, 29 February 2016 / Published in Blog

I came about as a promise. I was brought about by the way couples walk hand-in-hand, resting their heads on one another’s shoulders. It was not as much about “me” as it was about “we” – being able to share experiences by the fireside, in the gardens or out on the terrace.

I came about because so many weary businesspeople needed a refuge where they could conduct business which became a pleasure: finishing a successful day feeling refreshed, instead of drained. I wanted to make meetings better, turning them into success stories rather than drab corporate encounters.

I am a set of memories, made of laughter, comfort and joie de vivre. There is nothing quite like a stroll into the courtyard to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and talk about nothing in particular until the sun sets. It’s even better when we can then go inside and experience innovative, fresh cuisine prepared just for us. Sharing a journey of taste is just as good as sharing a journey across the earth.

What about the most special day of our lives? To walk down the aisle to our one true love who we are ready to spend the rest of our lives with is incomparable. Friends and loved ones are there looking on, there to bear witness to our commitment. All this just before we dance the night away, eating and drinking, sharing only the greatest love.

And then we retire to our beds, falling into the sheets, embraced by the soft cushioning that lulls us to sleep. We dream of our pasts, our futures, people we know and people we have yet to love. Our ambitions, our desires, our heartbreaks – we dream because we must learn where our next love will take us.

I am the moment of waking to the gentle brush of the sun, opening our eyes to our look onto the still-sleepy face of our most precious one. When we are ready for breakfast, we love the comfort of knowing that what we eat will be fresh, hearty and made with devotion. There is no other way to start a day of exploration, relaxation or business. We face the day knowing that we are surrounded by the right support, looking after us as we go about our day. Even better, we know that we can return to a meal that will leave us content and inspired.

I am not love itself. I am a vessel of love, a way of showing my affection for every facet of our trip, bringing us closer together through the atmosphere of tradition and the sense of home. I am a box for memories, a chest of experiences that we will open again one day and look back on with a feeling of warmth.

I am a promise of love.

I am Lombardy.