Your Story’s Perfect Setting

by / Thursday, 28 January 2016 / Published in Blog

Every love story begins differently. Whether it is a young romance, a new chance at an old flame or the comfort of a lasting bond, the twists of our stories move us. With all of us looking for that perfect ending to a beautiful story, the setting has to be right.

Lombardy Boutique Hotel has stood as one of eastern Pretoria’s most picturesque venues for years. Our bell tower has stood by as countless couples have sealed their lifelong romances with a kiss, surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. Each story continues differently; while the plots change from day to day, so many lead to the doors of Lombardy.

This is why this Valentine’s Day is all about the perfect setting. Relandscaping our gardens has begun, with our fairy garden designs including new climbing roses, flower beds and features that will give Lombardy a new kind of magic. Our intimate courtyards have been the scene of many an amorous exchange – whether it is for a wedding, a casual dinner or a celebratory drink. Making stories is what we naturally do, no matter what the time of year or occasion.

Our conferencing facilities have been decked out to receive visitors throughout the last few months. Corporate visitors have taken to Lombardy to bring the best out of their business, experiencing the warmth of home while still being in the office. Taking a coffee break in one of our sumptuous lounges is one of the most comforting ways to re-energise and find calm during a busy day of sealing a deal.

As we get older and our children grow up, sometimes an escape is what we need to keep our bonds as strong as they were the day we met. With the season of love coming up, think about taking a step back into a retreat that is right on your doorstep. Reconnect and embrace, find what has been lost and bring out the best in one another in a classic courtyard, a rich room or a spa sanctuary. It’s all about sharing the experience.

Any story is defined by its setting; being able to connect with a scene makes it worth reading, worth experiencing, worth loving. For all of the moments in our lives – big and small – there’s a place not so far, far away that is ready to receive you with open arms.

We have the setting. All we need is the characters. Tell us your story.